Get the Most Out of a Winter Trip to Iceland with Salty Tours
Winter Jeep Tours
Get the Most Out of a Winter Trip to Iceland with Salty Tours

When you travel to Iceland with a small group of friends, you may be tempted to simply rent a car and see the sights. To be frank, driving in Iceland in winter can be quite a challenge and, by driving yourselves, you will miss a lot. One of the most highly reviewed tour operators on, Salty Tours offers personalised tours to the Golden Circle with a lot of extras thrown in that you would never see or experience otherwise.
Travelling in the comfort of a luxury jeep with a guide who really knows the region like the back of his hand, means you will get a lot out of your trip. Not only that, but the drive is filled with fun anecdotes, history, geology and lots of interest that makes the hours fly by too fast.
Would you like to do something different on your trip but are not quite sure what? Salty Tours owner, Þorsteinn, has enough ideas to make your head spin—and they’re all interesting. He will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse and you are promised a great day, no matter what the weather.

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