Glaðheimar Cottages and Campsite are right by the river in Blönduós
Let the River Sing You to Sleep
Increasingly, tourists are recognising that Iceland is a destination of choice whatever the time of year. Venturing beyond the Reykjavik area opens up a totally different world of fascinating sights and experiences.
As you drive north on the Ring Road, you come to the town of Blönduós in the North of Iceland. In recent years, a lot has been happening there that makes it a place worth, not just stopping in, but staying in for awhile, too.
Glaðheimar cottages and campsite are on the northern shores of the River Blandá. This moderately priced accommodation, set quite close to Route No.1, is a very convenient place to stay for those travelling around Iceland, as well as those who might wish to spend time in the area.
“We’re open all year round,” says Lárus B. Jónsson, who is responsible for the site. “We have 20 fully equipped cottages suitable for 3–8 persons each. Hot tubs come standard with most of the cottages, and four cottages have a sauna in addition. We also run a campsite and a caravan park.”
Blönduós has only 900 inhabitants. However, it is blessed with a wide range of services and leisure opportunities. There’s a swimming pool, a 9-hole golf course, cafés and restaurants and a grocery store.
Museums include the Atlantic Salmon Museum, Sea Ice Exhibition Centre and the Icelandic Textile Centre and Textile Museum. They have exhibits that you won’t find elsewhere, so they are worth taking the time to see. The Romanesque church is also worth visiting.
That river doesn’t just contain water. Some of the best salmon rivers in Iceland are in this area, so the fishing is really good, with the average catch weighing 4 kg. The countryside is really beautiful, especially around these rivers, so hiking, kayaking and canoeing are also popular activities.
Glaðheimar is an ideal place from which to base while you explore all the area has to offer. “Blönduós has enough things to do for visitors for a day. For those who choose to stay with us for a few days, there are at least four distinctive day drives,” says Lárus. Just ask him or one of his staff when you’re there. After a day’s activities in the area, those cottages with their hot pots and saunas sound very attractive—whatever the weather.

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