Activity Tours with Sport Tours are Dynamic Whatever the Season
The Pristine Quality of Winter
Activity Tours with Sport Tours are Dynamic Whatever the Season

Iceland has amazingly diverse possibilities to enjoy in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Until recently, the fantastic winter season was not available for tourists as the Icelanders themselves were not keen on the unforeseen adventures brought on by the magnificent northern winds, with their snow and ice. But, as winters in Iceland are often still and sunny, the beauty of the endlessly white landscape was undeniable and gradually the Icelanders learned to enjoy its vastness through a variety of sports. Then, of course, they wanted the whole world to enjoy them, too.
Sport Tours is an Activity Travel Agency in North Iceland but operating all over the country all year round, offering a variety of tailor-made and activity-packed tours for groups and individuals, both private and scheduled tours. They have been organising package tours for many years and are true specialists on the excitement and action to be experienced in Iceland’s spectacular nature along with relaxation in geothermal water, the best culinary choices and very good accommodation.

From Ocean Bed to Northern Lights

Iceland is geologically young and, indeed, is still being sculpted—and that includes the ocean-floors. Sport Tours offer an exceptional diving tour to the unique diving sites in Eyjafjörður where you can inspect the staglamites, the geothermal chimneys rising from the interesting lava-moulded landscape underneath the waves. The Super Jeep tours to all the natural wonders of North Iceland like Dettifoss, Ásbyrgi, Lake Myvatn, Goðafoss, Askja and many more, are truly mystical and inspiring. The other-worldly pristine days gradually fade into the afternoon dusk, bringing on the Northern Lights and possibly, the dancing elves.
Further west at Tröllskagi, The Troll Peninsula, Sport Tours offer Snowmobile Tours, Cat Skiing, Cat Boarding, Hiking and Horse riding in the mountains. Cat Skiing and Cat Boarding just below the Arctic Circle is quite unique. You can literally ski from top of the world to sea-level and as the mountains rise from the ocean.

Luxury Cottages
You can go deep sea fishing, whale watching and shore fishing in Eyjafjörður along the way. While enjoying all these various activities, the best place to stay is at the cottages provided by Sport Tours at the Ytri-Vík farm. It is a beautifully peaceful place, located on the west side of Eyjafjörður, between Akureyri and Dalvik, close to the shoreline, with a glorious and unobstructed view across the fjord. The cottages are of different sizes and can accommodate between 2–16 people. All the cottages have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and a private geothermal hot-tub on the verandah.

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