Chocolate Fantasies- Mosfellsbakarí
A Chocolatier’s creations in Reykjavik’s oldest house
Almost anyone can tell you where Reykjavik’s oldest house is–and especially now. One word says it all: Chocolate!
Sure, you can buy chocolates in a supermarket but enter this house and you’re entering a whole world where you taste buds will be tantalised with creations that will forever change the way you think about chocolate.

An eruption of taste
Hafliði sources his chocolate beans from all over the world. What he does with them, though, is unique. A range of volcanoes, for example. They erupt in your mouth with a taste that sends streams of flavour flowing over your tongue and down your throat in an unforgettable torrent of taste. Drangar, Jökull, Stapi and Eldborg volcanoes are immortalised in flavour. Packed in pyramid-shaped boxes, they are an original gift–if the giver doesn’t get them first.

A new round of golf
Perhaps you are a golfer–or know one. These golf balls you certainly won’t want to send soaring down the fairway but rather sliding over your tongue. White chocolate on the outside, with a delicious filling, these golfball packs are a popular present–even to yourself!

Red Hearts for Lovers
Of course, chocolate, love and romance go together as one. Red heart chocolates are a sure success with that someone special. Coming in packets of 6, you may even get to try one.

Smartphone centre
Smartphones are now becoming ubiquitous. The smartphones you find here may not make any calls but coming in white or brown chocolate, you will certainly be called on a lot! They make an original, fun gift that will be as popular as the real thing.

Canned Caviar
This fishing nation is known for its love of caviar but here are cans filled with delicious brown or white caviar that doesn’t seem at all fishy. These specially-packed creations of crispy chocolate covered ‘roe’ will be quite a talking point in a party.
The list of original creations goes on, so chocolate lovers had better bring big bags. From pralines to truffles, orange, ginger or lemon peel packs, a Sao Tomé special, passion fruit and rum and so many more, you’ll be so thankful that you can choose beautifully-presented wooden cases filled with these specialities or a special 3-tier box whose design is a work of art itself.
With handmade creations like this, you’ll never look at commercial chocolates in the same way again. Having tasted the real thing, who would want any other?

Háholti 13-15 • 270 Mosfellsbæ
+354 566 6145

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