Enjoy Icelandic Farm Life - Steindórsstaðir
A Superb View of the Dale from Steindórsstaðir
Steindórsstaðir in Reykholtsdalur Valley is a fully functional farm that offers bed and breakfast in a warm and welcoming farmhouse. Just a stone’s throw away are some of the most beautiful places in Borgarfjörður. The Icelandic highlands await above the farm with glaciers, lava caves and panoramic views of extraordinary mountains.
The same family has owned the farm since 1828 and the old residential home, where the guest rooms are, was built in 1937 after a fire had destroyed the turf house that had been the homestead for centuries. The fire occurred during a dry spell so it was impossible to control and the family lost nearly all their belongings. They only managed to save some of their better clothing and odds and ends from the living room. The household, a total of eleven people, took up residence in the sheep shed  where they lived for three months until they could move into the then new house.

Rising from the ashes
The top floor was added around 1950 and the first floor was enlarged around 1965. Total renovation of the building was conducted from spring 2009 until the opening of the guesthouse in June 2010. A large terrace with a hot tub is situated in front of the house where guests can relax, enjoy the view and languish after a long day of travelling.
In the vicinity are Reykholt, Deildartunghver, the largest hot spring in Europe in terms of volume of water, Barnafoss, Hraunfossar and Húsafell. An interesting hiking route along Rauðsgil offers a wonderful view of the many waterfalls in the canyon and the forest of Steindórsstaðir is peaceful and inviting. It’s an ideal base to travel from around the valleys of Borgarfjörður, seeing all the sights and returning in the evening for some pampering and rest.

Enjoy the comforts of home

Adding to the attraction is the fact that this is a working farm with cows, horses, sheep, forestry and corn growing. The farm animals and the fact that this is a home make it exceptionally interesting and inviting. Staying at such a diverse Icelandic farm is educational as well as comfortable. Enjoy Icelandic hospitality—it’s first class.

Reykholt • 320 Borgarfj örður
+354 435 1227

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