Between Mountains and Sea - Kast Guesthouse
Kast Guesthouse offers a Natural Stress-Relieving Break
With Snæfellsjökull glacier towering above, steep mountains behind it and the sea before it, Lýsudal farm, on the southern side of the Snæfells peninsula, has the best of all worlds. In 2011, the family opened Kast guesthouse on its land to share its beauty with others.
When we were in the area this year, we wanted to stay there as it is such a beautiful location. Ten of the double rooms have en suite bathrooms and the remaining six are with shared bathrooms. There are two rooms that take up to four people each with sleeping bags. There are toilets and cooking facilities. The rooms have large windows revealing an unobstructed panorama of nature.
Close by, the large camp site has excellent facilities including electricity for campers and caravans. Sheltered by the mountain, it’s a peaceful location.

Healthy Attractions of Nature
What draws people to this area, besides the famous volcano and its glacier—which just beg to be climbed—are the ruggedly breathtaking bird cliffs, with thousands of seagulls, fulmars, kittiwakes and arctic terns, swirling around them just minutes away. For those interested in fishing, there are lakes just across the road to enjoy. The streams from spectacular mountain waterfalls are crystal clear and, just 2 minutes away, the swimming pool at Lýsuhóll is renowned for its nutrient rich waters’ cleansing and healing effects on the skin.

Travel the Area the Natural Way
With so many beautiful vistas surrounding the Kast guesthouse, this land should be enjoyed the natural way—on horseback. The name Kast actually comes from the meadow behind the guesthouse where the mares go to cast their foals. Horses are a part of the environment here and bring great enjoyment.
There are tours of between one and three hours daily, with longer tours also available for groups. In fact, groups tours in winter are really special, as the guesthouse is open all year round.

Strength for the Day
Whether you are planning vigorous or relaxed activities in the fresh air, you will want a good breakfast to start with. Here, Lydía, the guesthouse manager, has an ace up her sleeve. Her brother is a baker who supplies a wide range of freshly baked foods to the restaurant every day. Seating up to 50 guests the elegant restaurant also provides evening dinners for guests and visitors.
Kast Guesthouse is a tranquil place to stay amidst an area rich in interest. Bookings can be made online. You will not be disappointed.

Kast guesthouse
Lýsudalur • 356 Snæfellsbær
+354 421 5252

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