Comfortable Hotel Bláfell - Hótel Bláfell
   Small town charm in an historical setting
At the harbour on one of East Iceland’s numerous winding fjords, lies the country Hotel Bláfell in the tiny fishing village of Breiðdalsvik, pop. 139. The family run, log cabin style hotel is imbued with the scent of fresh pine that greets you as you enter. In the lounge, guests can relax on lovely sprawling leather sofas with a nice cup of tea, or make use of the free wi-fi connection. Each of the recently renovated 30 standard, family or deluxe rooms, comes with private bath, tv and telephone.
Hotel Bláfell is known for its down-to-earth home-style cooking, offering its guests a full menu of satisfying traditional Icelandic and international favourites. Owners Friðrik Árnason and Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdóttir and their staff are more than happy to help with suggestions of what to see and do in the area.
In the summer of 2011, Friðrik and Hrafnhildur opened the Kaupfjelag Café and Tourist Information Centre, just a few metres from the hotel, where guests can browse the well-stocked gift shop, bursting with arts and crafts made by local townspeople, including beautiful hand-knitted sweaters, paintings, decorative items and souvenirs. The café offers a selection of light meals such as sandwiches, salads, soups with fresh bread, as well as a variety of home baked cakes and pastries. Decorated with a collection of vintage memorabilia from the town’s residents, Friðrik and Hildur pay tribute to the memory of this historic building which has been a part of life in Breiðdalfjörður since 1956.

The unspoilt beauties of Breiðdalur
Breiðdalur Valley shares in the rich heritage of East Iceland often overlooked by mainstream tourists and, as one of Iceland’s hidden treasures, the wide and verdant valley is just begging to be explored. Uncountable waterfalls descend from Breiðdalur’s many peaks, and just about every farm in the valley is backed by its very own ‘private’ waterfall.
Picnic spots abound in the valley, as well as opportunities for horse riding and salmon fishing and you can camp just about anywhere that is not farm land.

 A most fascinating museum
The Gamla Kaupfélag is Breiðdalsvík’s oldest building (1906), housing the district’s Heritage and Geology Museum, where the lives and works of two of Breiðdalur’s most famous scholars are showcased: Stefan Einarsson, prolific writer, linguist and grammarian and the world-renowned British volcanologist Dr. George P. Walker who spent many years doing research in and around Breiðdalur Valley. Both are recipients of the distinguished Order of the Falcon, Iceland’s highest honour.

Hótel Bláfell

Sólvöllum 14 • 760 Breiðdalsvík
+354 475 6770

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