The Ideal and Idyllic - Hótel Bifröst
    Caters for Conferences, Large Meetings, Seminars and Symposiums
Borgarfjörður on the west coast of Iceland has an immensely rich and colourful history dating back to Egil’s Saga, undoubtedly one of the greatest Icelandic Sagas. It is filled with an amazing diversity of nature and natural resources as well as great facilities for outdoor activities.
At the heart of this area is Hotel Bifröst, a lovely hotel at the scenic location of the University community at Bifröst. The hotel is accessed from the Ring road, Route No. 1, an hour and a half drive from Reykjavík.

Hotel Bifröst has four floors with 51 double and family rooms. All the rooms are nice and bright with ample space, a separate bathroom, satellite TV and internet connection with access for the disabled.
Conference and Seminar Specialists
The hotel has excellent facilities for conferences as well as large and small meetings, seminars and symposiums. With four conference halls, auditoriums and rooms for work-groups, each equipped with the latest technology, it is the ideal place for melding groups together and connecting co-workers based in different corners of the world.
At Hotel Bifröst‘s gym and sports facilities you will find massage hot tubs, a paddling pool, sauna and solarium. It also has a hobby room where you can play pool, table tennis and attend a variety of activities. A short walk away is the Glanni nine-hole golf course, considered to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Iceland. A basketball field and a small soccer field are adjacent to Hotel Bifröst, suitable for all age groups.
However, you don’t have to be attending a conference to enjoy the hospitality of Hotel Bifröst. It is open all year round to those who appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the area. It is an area with excellent hiking and biking routes, salmon rivers and trout lakes, historical sites from the Viking era, geothermal swimming pools – as well as the Grábrók and Rauðbrók volcano craters.
The hotel has an excellent restaurant with an emphasis on a healthy menu based on local ingredients and a very nice café, open every day, offering light meals, sandwiches and cakes. It also offers bagged lunches to its guests to take on hiking or biking tours – or just to enjoy in your favorite spot indoors or outdoors. In close proximity to the hotel there is a grocery store where you can get freshly baked bread. It is open every day except Sunday.

Hótel Bifröst • 311 Borgarnes
+354 433 3030

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