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Some claim that Icelandic herbs are more potent than others due to the short growing period in the summer months and unique midnight sun. Now scientific evidence seems to back this claim and recent research has proved that the plant of angels, Angelica archangelica, is an effective way to treat an overactive bladder and frequent urination.

The Vikings knew its value
This plant was an asset of this new country in the eyes of the Vikings who first settled in Iceland, as they knew its value full well. The root, stem, seeds and leaves were all used, both as food and medicine. This is documented in an Icelandic medical book over 150 years old.

Academics developed quality treatments
SagaMedica was founded by academics from the University of Iceland. Indeed, the former dean of the University, Dr. Sigmundur Guðbjarnason, was a pioneer in research into Icelandic medicinal herbs and their benefits. He laid the foundation for SagaMedica, which has grown steadily through the years, while keeping their academic affiliations and upholding the highest standards of quality.
SagaMedica has been selling natural dietary supplements from this powerful plant for over a decade and now one of their products, SagaPro, has been validated by the scientific community after a recent clinical study showed that it does indeed reduce the symptoms of those who suffer from an overactive bladder or low bladder volume.

Harvested on a small Island

Angelica grows wild on Hrísey, a small island in the northern Eyjafjörður fjord. There, the soil is fertile and pure and the air clean. Indeed, Hrísey island as a whole has been awarded an organic certification. Every measure is taken to ensure the purity and essence of Icelandic nature remains constant through to the final product.

Reaching the world online
Recently, SagaMedica began exporting SagaPro to North America. They also ship to customers around the world through their online store and website, where there is an extensive history of the company and the numerous benefits of their products.
Perhaps, most interesting are the comments and stories from satisfied users who feel not only the benefits of being relieved of symptoms but are more rested and energetic after having begun using the products.

Healing herbs

SagaMedica products are quality natural products from Icelandic medicinal herbs, with a special emphasis on angelica. SagaPro is their top selling product while Voxis lozenges and SagaVita work very well to prevent cold and flu and reduce symptoms when they occur. SagaMemo is used to maintain a healthy memory and the Viking Tea to invigorate and induce the robustness of the Vikings in its users.
SagaMedica combines 1100 years of history, the precision and diligence of science with the pristine Icelandic nature to create innovative products to benefit us all.

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