Grindavík’s Harbour Café - Bryggjan
The reputation of Bryggjan netmakers’ café is spreading fast
Walk down by Grindavík’s harbour and you may see the nets. Then you know you’re there. Bryggjan’s main work is repairing fishing nets and lines - nets that would completely cover the nearby mountain and lines that would stretch beyond Reykjavik, over 50 km away.
This is a fishing town and the café is a fisherman’s café - though, with the growing number of visitors from all over the world finding it, it is quickly becoming the café of choice in the area. Little wonder, as the help and friendliness of the owners is only matched by the delicious food they offer. My suggestion: don’t leave without having a bowl of their soup. It’s really good.
While I was there, one of the owners was spending time with visiting tourists, explaining the area and showing them on a map the best places to visit.
It’s in the evenings and on weekends that things really take off. It’s a small place but packed with character. A piano in the corner is often pressed into use, making it a fun and inspiring evening. Whether you are a local or just visiting, you’ll feel at home.

Café Bryggjan
Miðgarði 2 • 240 Grindavík
+354 426 7100

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