Connecting Two Pearls
     Connecting Two Pearls
A new path from the Blue Lagoon links to Grindavík
It might be tempting to just make a short stop at the famous Blue Lagoon on the way to or from the airport, but that would be ignoring the incredible beauty and natural phenomena just around the corner that made the famous lagoon possible to begin with.
The tranquil nearby fishing town of Grindavík has close ties Blue Lagoon that have now been strengthened even further with a brand new walking path that connects the two with a beautiful 4 km walk. The new path, which is ecofriendly and blends with its surroundings, passes through foreign-looking lava fields, beautiful forested areas and the foothills of the impressive Þorbjörn mountain.
Þorsteinn Gunnarsson, Development Manager in Grindavík, says that both the people of Grindavík, as well as its visitors are ecstatic with the new walking path. “It really opens up new locations and opportunities for everyone interested in enjoying the area. The new path passes through Selskógur forest, which has been a cherished nature resort for the locals and leads to several hiking paths on Þorbjörn Mountain for those looking for some healthy exercise. Those who are visiting the Blue Lagoon have jumped at the opportunity to stroll through the impressive landscape to our cosy town and experience what it has to offer,” says Þorsteinn.
Grindavík is one of the true Icelandic fishing villages, where the harbour area is the life of the town and worth a visit for itself. In the harbour area you’ll find cafés, museums and a chance to see the everyday work of Icelandic fishermen as they bring in the day’s catch. For the gourmands, there is no lack of exciting culinary experiences to be found and, as you might expect, the fish don’t get any fresher than in the quality restaurants of Grindavík. In addition, there are plenty of exhilarating activities available in Grindavík, such as Quad-bike tours, cave exploring and horseback riding tours in the nearby lava fields.
So if you’re thinking about visiting The Blue Lagoon, consider strolling over the hills to see a whole new world open before your eyes.

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