By the Harbor in Keflavik - Duus Café
  Duus Café
You could take a walk by the seaside and harbour of Keflavik, following a great meal in Duus Café at either the very start or end of your journey to Iceland. Perhaps the unique element of visiting Iceland is the interrelation of everything; here, you’re only five minutes from the international airport yet you can find an authentic seaside experience.
This warm restaurant is located right by Keflavik’s small boat harbour, the very heart of the town. Thus, the view from Duus is inspiring, even hypnotizing; while eating your meal and enjoying your drink the sea outside will have your full attention. Originally a small restaurant, it now hosts over 200 people and is a favourite with the locals. The owner, Sigurbjörn built the house and its interiors all by himself, little by little over the last fifteen years. Sigurbjörn, like many other Icelanders, does not limit himself to one profession; apart from running a restaurant, he is educated as a carpenter. That certainly comes in handy when one wants to built a restaurant using wood!
Such is the variety of food at Duus that everybody will find something to their own liking. But the speciality of the restaurant is, of course, the fish. Whether you fancy a buttery lobster or the national dish, cod, Duus makes sure to produce a fairy-tale for your taste buds!
This spring, Duus not only provides you with great food and fantastic view over the harbour but also enables you to further your sea-experience with a vivacious rib safari tour! If you would like to watch some jumping whales, cheery dolphins or the gallant Northern Gannet birds living on the island of Eldey, such a tour might be the very adventure you seek. Going out on those fast, open speed-boats gives the tour a thrill you do not experience in the more traditional whale-watching tours.
The setting of Duus couldn’t be more picturesque – a lovely wooden building, in the post-card perfect location, overlooking the deep blue waters of Faxaflói Bay. Whether you’re in town during lunch or dinner-time you will be able to choose from a wide variety of dishes. The combination of a cosy environment, good food, a great stroll by the seaside and a lively tour on the sea sounds like a great day in Keflavik.

Kaffi Duus
Duusgötu 10  •  230 Reykjanesbæ
+354 421 7080

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