Hot as the Sun - Ice Glass
Ice Glass creates art in glass
With over 20 years experience working together, mother and son team of Gulla and Lárus are producing awesome works of art in glass in their small glass foundry, next to Kaffi Duus in Keflavik.
Glass making is highly technical science and art combined. With ovens burning as hot as the sun or a cooler 500°C, this is not work for the timid. Much of the skill of the glass maker lies in intuition and experience, in knowing at exactly what moment to work it.
The glass factory is open from 12-6pm weekdays and visitors are welcome. Not only do you get to look around at the wide range of creations but, if you have something in mind, they’ll try to make it for you on the spot.
The gallery offers a glimpse into the prodigious creative abilities of the artists - and you’re more than likely to find a use for a lot of the items in your home! Knowing that most visitors return home heavy-laden, Ice Glass will ship anything that catches your fancy so it arrives safely.
Ice Glass is experimenting with recycling glass products rather than sending them to a landfill and creating beautiful works of art from them.

Ice Glass
Grófin 2 • 230 Reykjanesbær
+354 857 0850

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