From Hunters to Home - Palli the Knife Maker
  Palli now makes knives and forks for the kitchen and dining room
Long known for his beautifully crafted hunting knives of various sizes, each with its own handmade handle, Palli is now creating works of art for the kitchen - and soon for the dining room - that any cook or hostess will be proud to own.

Made with rare mat
Ornately engraved knives and forks – including kitchen and carving knives are now receiving Palli‘s unique craftsmanship. What makes his knives special is that he diligently sources his materials, researches the best methods for making long-lasting handles that are comfortable and safe to use – often from rare materials sourced from all over the world. Frequently, he blends different materials such as reindeer antler, goat horn, a hippo‘s tooth or a horse‘s hoof with wood such as ebony, elm or even fossilized wood that has been carefully dried over a period of years to harden it for a handle.

Created for Connoisseurs
As a result of his passion for excellence and enthusiasm for creating a work of art from a tempered steel blade and these different handles, his knives are now to be found in over 85 countries, in use by hunters who appreciate these qualities. There is often a lot of bidding for his knives on the internet, such is the demand for them.

 Now for cooks and diners
Recently, Palli worked with one of the best Damascus steel blade makers to bring their crafts first to the kitchen and soon, also to the dining room.
With typical care and research, he is producing a range of initially, 4 kitchen knives, to be followed by a full dining cutlery set, using his 66 year-old dentist drill that he brought out of retirement for carving the handles and creating both individual pieces and sets that will be a conversation piece in dining rooms around the world.

Inspired by a waterfall
You can find Palli in his studio in Mosfellsbær, right beside the Álafoss waterfall and the famous mill of the same name, just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Reykjavik. His knives can also be found at the Brynja hardware store at Laugavegur 29, on the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik or ordered online.

Custom made for years of use

If you have specific materials you would like your hunting, kitchen or carving knife to be made from – or the dining cutlery, you can always let him know. Many knives are made to order and every one is individual and unique.

Palli the Knife Maker
Álafossvegur 29 • 270 Mosfellsbæ
+354 899 6903


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