The Nature Activity Town - Mosfellsbær
    Mosfellsbær celebrates the nature that surrounds it
Iceland is best enjoyed outdoors. It’s a land for hiking, climbing, horse-riding, biking, sailing, kayaking, fishing, bird-watching, photography and more. The air and water are fresh and clean and the land is unlike any other-made for enjoyment.
More visitors are discovering the benefits of the relaxed tranquillity of Mosfellsbær, a quiet country town, just 15 minutes away from the busy activity of the capital, set in a poetically beautiful landscape. It’s a town where health is celebrated, embraced by countryside - from mountains just begging to be hiked, streams and rivers filled with fish, valleys waiting for you to tour on horseback and a picturesque bay and coastline filled with birdlife.
Here you will find children, teens and people up to their 70’s and 80’s with their walking sticks, hiking up the surrounding mountains or enjoying a relaxing walk amongst the rich vegetation around the rivers and coastal paths.
Trails, of various distances, are clearly marked on each of the seven mountains that surround the town, throughout the valleys and coast and feature points to take in the scenery, the different vegetation and the birdlife. The town has published a map, with all the trails and points of interest marked on it.
The area has a very diverse flora and fauna and the best part about it is that you can enjoy it all, following the marked trails or just strolling, for instance, around the Varmá river or along the beautiful coastline. You’re bound to meet others who are doing the same thing. For visitors in their 60’s or over, it can be a lot of fun in an informal setting to join with groups in the same age range for walks or hikes. Birdwatchers, whether professional or casual, will enjoy the bird life at Leirvogur Bay, where they can observe from a hide. The mountains are easy to reach and there are car parks at the base of each one.
In summer, the town celebrates with the 7 Peaks Run that encompasses the mountains that surround it. It’s a tough endurance event for very fit people. The full 7 peaks cover a distance of 37 km, though you can try just one - a distance of 12 km over Úlfarsfell, for instance.
While there are many who enjoy the challenge of the race, there are many others who like to hike up to the different peaks or, perhaps, have a picnic on one of the slopes.

Horse riding
This is one of the most popular horse riding areas, with a large stable area and riding hall along with plenty of riding trails. Riding tours are a popular way of enjoying the countryside.

There are two golf courses in the municipality. One is a 9 hole course up in the countryside in Mosfellsdalur. Another 18 hole course is set on the side of the bay, offering beautiful views over the ocean while golfers get good exercise playing the greens.

Cool in the Pool
After any good, vigorous exercise, a popular activity amongst visitors and Icelanders alike is a trip to the swimming pool. Mosfellsbær is blessed with two pools, each close to one of the schools - and each with hot pots of different temperatures. There are well-equipped gyms alongside both pools.
The Lágafellslaug pool is widely recognised as being one of the newest and best pools in the Greater Reykjavik area. It also has a Jacuzzi that soothes sore muscles, a sauna and steam room, children’s pools and slides. The geothermally-heated pools are used year-round, the fresh air and sunshine adding to the health benefits of swimming.
For the adventurous, the Kaldakvísl waterfall offers a different kind of bathing. Somewhat of a hidden gem, it’s a spot where the town’s teenagers like to jump in during the spring and summertime.
There’s a frequent bus service between Reykjavik and Mosfellsbær that stops right outside both swimming pools and the Tourist Information Office for the area. The office can offer suggestions of scenic walks or of interesting sites to visit.
A Bohemian lifestyle
Artists have flocked to the area, finding inspiration in the beauty of the nature. You’ll find art and crafts shops both in the town centre and at Álafosskvos, along with numerous cafés and different types of restaurants to satisfy any taste to relax in after your activities in the nature. Local markets are regular events, selling homemade goods, flowers, arts and crafts.
Best of all, however, is the feeling of health one gets in the fresh air, drinking in the beautiful views. It’s a precious, but free, gift to enjoy.

Þverholt 2 • 270 Mosfellsbæ
+354 525 6700

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