Let’s Get Healthy
    A session in The Icelandic Health Hotel’s detox programme will leave you feeling great
Unlike most countries of the world, Iceland has very little pollution. The water is clean and tastes wonderful. The meat is not stuffed with steroids or drugs. The air is fresh and pure. The fruits and vegetables are grown in unpolluted soils and are not covered in pesticides. What, for most countries, is just a distant memory, Iceland is living today: a health paradise.

Getting out of the pollution and the pollution out of you
Modern society may have its perks and benefits but it comes with a heavy price. Everything from stress to processed foods, from polluted cities to junk food affect that miraculous creation called our body. Diabetes has seen a dramatic rise and a whole industry has grown around weight loss. Take a look at most food labels and you’ll see just how many unnatural, unhealthy additives, preservatives, chemicals of all kinds, sugar and its artificial substitutes you’re taking in on a daily basis. Is it any wonder that chronic disease and sickness of all kinds have reached near epidemic proportions?

The beginning of a new lifestyle
The Icelandic Health Hotel’s detox programmes introduce you to a lifestyle that most glamorous glossy adverts offer – but cannot deliver: a life with vitality and vigour, health, enjoyment and fulfilment. You don’t have to be overweight, lethargic or burdened with so many of modern society’s diseases.
It takes just two weeks to introduce you to this new lifestyle and you will probably find it doesn‘t cost you nearly as much to live it as your previous life did. You‘ll develop new tastes and you will find yourself feeling better than you could have dreamed, ready to face the world with a new perspective.

What is Detox?
Getting rid of the toxins, the poisons that build up both in and on our bodies through incorrect eating habits, lack of exercise and a frenetic lifestyle and bringing the body and spirit back into balance is the goal of detox. It has proven results and, when practiced on a long-term basis, builds a healthy life filled with vigour and the kind of strong immune system that prevents diseases gaining a toehold in your body.
Detox is accomplished through a programme that focuses on a vegetable and fruit diet with plenty of drinks of water and herbal teas - but no caffeinated drinks or sugar. Effective detoxing is hard work on the body, so there is plenty of opportunity for rest and relaxation. It is supported by light exercise, massage, infra red and regular saunas, hydro colon cleansing, yoga and gymnastics, trips to the Blue Lagoon and its famous spa waters - and lots of fun and laughter.
There are personal consultations with a qualified nurse, classes on nutrition & diet, massage and other health related topics, how to shop for healthy products and how to continue to progress at home.
While there is no simple route to good health, detoxing offers a good start and solid foundation, along with the range of activities that the hotel offers.

Get relief
Look at the list of common problems that can be helped by detoxing along with the consequent lifestyle change and see what you can avoid - or obtain relief from: anxiety, arthritis, depression, diabetes 2, drug and alcohol abuse, diseases of the colon and gastric tract, headaches and migraines, heart and cardiovascular diseases, heartburn, insomnia, mental confusion, obesity, skin ailments and so many more.
Many guests report that they have gained energy levels they have not experienced since their youth.

Infra red sauna
While a normal sauna extracts 2% of toxins through sweat, infra red saunas can remove up to 20%. It only takes a couple of half-hour sessions a day for your skin to feel noticeably clean. The Icelandic Health Hotel has two of these saunas - after which, a shower and a soak in the jacuzzi leaves you feeling fantastic!
A stay at Iceland’s Health Hotel can be the start of a new and reinvigorated life, free from the health problems that may have dogged you for years. Not only that, but the hotel can arrange for you to experience Iceland’s natural treasures while you’re here to make your  holiday a truly memorable experience.

The Icelandic Health Hotel
Lindarbraut 634, 235 Reykjanesbær
+354 512 8040

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