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Icelandic Smiles
    A lovely smile lights up the countenance of the wearer
In today’s sugar-fed society, our teeth take a battering and very often it shows. Many modern food habits are harmful to our teeth and can lead to unsightly fillings. That’s not to mention all the problems that arise with gum diseases and with teeth being discoloured, uneven or crooked. However, modern dentistry has progressed to not only keep pace with the problems but to help resolve them better than at any time in the past.

Iceland as a Health Tourism location
In recent years, Icelanders have become aware of the health treasures they have in their hands and Iceland is fast becoming one of the world’s hottest health tourism spots. With highly trained professional specialists and a currency that was recently devalued, it has become an economical way to get treatments which could be prohibitively expensive in other countries.

Dedicated dentistry to resolve problems
Icelandic Smiles is located close to some of the major hotels in Reykjavik. Two dentists working in different dental fields have pooled their talents to provide a top class service to help resolve problems with both teeth and mouths that are troubling people.
Þorður focuses on aesthetic dentistry. He uses both the latest technology and the best, most trusted materials. The results are quite outstanding.
Very often, unsightly diseases develop in the gums, which can cause functional and aesthetic problems. Gunnlaugur focuses on the treatment of periodontal diseases and takes care of the implants that can restore your smile to its natural radiance and enable you to eat properly once again.

Enjoy your holiday, return with a smile
If you’re taking your holiday, you hardly want to spend all your time in a dentist’s chair but you will find that a lot can be accomplished in even one or two appointments that can be geared to your schedule. Their quick and efficient service will leave you feeling fine with lots of time still available for seeing the sights and enjoying the culinary delights and nightlife that Reykjavik is famous for. Best of all, you’ll return home with a winning smile and renewed confidence.

Icelandic Smiles
Ármúla 23, 108 Reykjavík
+354 562 3889
+354 568 1111

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