Best way to see the city
  Reykjavik Bike Tours’ original way to see Reykjavik is also the best
If you’re in good health and know how to balance a bicycle, you’ll enjoy riding with one of Reykjavik Bike Tour’s entertaining and professional guides. They offer bicycle tours and rentals in Reykjavik all year. In summer, they also do day trips out of town in a minibus with a bicycle combination to places not to be missed.

No. 1 on Trip Advisor
Reykjavik Bike Tours has enjoyed top position on the Trip Advisor social traveller website for the past three years. It is Ursula and Stefan’s family business, founded in 2009. Travellers appreciate the friendly welcome, knowledgeable guides, the outdoor activity and excellent quality bicycles.
Classic Reykjavik Tour – 2.5 hrs / 7 km
This tour is the perfect introduction to the capital city of Iceland and is offered all year. You can expect to see some of the city’s hidden secrets while learning about its history from a professional and enthusiastic local tourist guide. You get to know what the city is all about—in terms of its history, best museums, best restaurants, current special events and much, much more. Perhaps the most important aspect of this tour, apart from the exercise, of course, is the direct access to the local guide giving the tour.

Holiday Bicycle Tour
Reykjavik Bike Tours offers one scheduled tour in winter, and five scheduled tours in summer; two in the city, and three which require the assistance of a minibus and trailer. Combine all five and you’ve got yourself a holiday bicycle tour.
The two city tours are the Classic Reykjavik – 2.5 hrs / 7 km, and the Coast of Reykjavik – 2.5 hrs / 18 km. The Classic tour has plenty of stops and is quite easy for anyone in good health. The Coast tour is also fairly easy but covers more than twice the distance of the Classic tour.
The three tours that involve the use of a minibus and trailer are: Golden Circle & Bike – 8 hrs / 25 km; Westman Isles & Bike – 11 hrs / 11 km and Lake Challenge & Bike – 6 hrs / 64 km. For more information, please visit Reykjavik Bike Tour’s website.

Ursula and Stefan love what they do and receive every visitor with a friendly smile.

Reykjavik Bike Tours
Ægisgarður 7 • 101 Reykjavík
+354 694 8956

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