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Season Tours gives personalised service to make your holiday great
Whether you are interested in sailing, hiking, driving, strolling or flying above Iceland, Season Tours can fulfill your dreams and cater to all your wishes. Specialized, knowledgeable guides provide the rest as they educate, inform, entertain and inspire you on your travels.

Guides open up the country
Season Tours is a company that specializes in small groups and personalized services. Their staff are dedicated to rendering quality service. Their guides were educated at the University of Iceland and will not only show you around the beautiful and inspiring nature of Iceland but also tell you all about the Vikings, the Icelandic Sagas, the history of this country, its geology, culture, cuisine, flora and fauna. The interesting and well documented 1100 years of human habitation of this volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean will come alive at the places where the most significant events took place.

Gourmet guiding
Among the staff are gourmets interested in all types of food and with expert knowledge of the New Nordic Cuisine. Join their extremely popular gourmet tour and enjoy tasting while learning about Icelandic food through the ages. Season Tours will make sure you stay at the best accommodation available and dine at Slow Food restaurants offering local ingredients and dishes. It is a great adventure to visit a farm and then taste its products prepared by master chefs.
Season Tours cater to all your needs and plans your stay from A-Z.  A number of interesting and specialized tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri are available but you can also list your wishes and something personalized will be scheduled just for you. Season Tours can also arrange a rental car of your liking or lend you one of theirs. A guide can be a part of the package or assistance given with the planning and scheduling of your travels. Guides are hired for a half or a full day and can meet you wherever you like.

Year-round personal tours
Season Tours operates all year round. In winter, they hunt the Northern Lights with great success. For larger groups, the company offers buses, accommodation and activities at desired levels. Tours are always customized to fit the individual need of any given group and in accordance with all the customer’s wishes. Season Tours is your friend and travel organizer in Iceland. You cannot go wrong in their hands.

Season Tours
Vættarborgum 104 • 112 Reykjavík
+354 863 4592

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