Rent Your Own Super-Defender - Isak 4x4 Rental
The Icelandic 4x4 Culture Uncovered
Because of the often-harsh landscapes of Iceland, ordinary vehicles can’t always take you to the places you want to go. This is why ISAK 4x4 Rental rents specially modified 4x4 jeeps that open up new territories for adventurous travellers.
When diving into Icelandic culture, some go for the rich history, while others go for the music scene, but perhaps the most ‘Icelandic’ of them all is the 4x4 culture. Icelanders have developed special skills in modifying 4x4 vehicles and maneuvering them in extreme conditions, and this has sprouted a whole new culture, where conquering the hardest-to-reach places of Iceland is the ultimate goal.
Thanks to the people of ISAK 4x4 Rental, you don’t have to spend countless hours and money modifying your truck and amassing experience. They provide fully equipped jeeps to rent and the necessary training and information required.
The 4x4 jeeps are Land Rover Defenders, specially modified with 38” tyres and equipped with air compressors (to inflate or deflate the tires according to surface density); ice bumper; snorkel; GPS; a radio to communicate between vehicles, and all other necessary equipment – including, of course, a shovel! But don’t worry, getting into rough terrain is all part of the adventure.
All you need is a valid driving license, maybe just a bit of courage, and you’ll be crossing the un-bridged Icelandic highland rivers in the in no time.

Isak 4x4 Rental
Sudurhraun 2B • 210 Gardabær
+354 544 8860

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