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Isafold Travel offers Personalized and Customized Tours
There are countless ways to explore Iceland, but all too many leave out the diverse and unique Icelandic cuisine. Isafold Travel has a solution with their innovative culinary tours, which combine authentic Icelandic food experiences with the famous attractions Iceland offers.
Imagine, instead of grabbing a quick roadside snack, you get a personalized Master chef’s introduction to the savory langoustine, tasting caramel made from rhubarb and savor some locally brewed beers. Isafold Travel’s aim is to get as close to the source and give as authentic an experience as possible. The tours will thus, on occasion, take you into chefs’ homes to get the inside scoop on Icelandic cuisine; into geothermal greenhouses or out into Breiðafjörður Bay, to taste ‘Viking sushi’ by catching some fresh sea urchins, to be consumed just moments after coming out of the ocean.

Customize Your Own Tour
Isafold Travel places special emphasis on giving a personalized experience to its customers, offering easily customized trips that focus on small groups. If you are a bird enthusiast and a gourmand, then Isafold Travel will blend them together, whereas if you’re more of a burger and pizza person, but a photography enthusiast, they will also build the right package for you.
If you like to drive yourself, Isafold Travel offers the U-drive rental package, using the modified Land Rover Defenders of sister company, ISAK 4x4 Rental. You can travel around the highlands by yourself using pre-arranged routes in the GPS devices, with a detailed written itinerary and pre-booked accommodation.

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