Hotel Katla: Journeying Iceland’s South Coast

Journeying Iceland’s South Coast: Hotel Katla

Winter in Iceland
If escaping the crowds is on your agenda this year, Iceland in winter is ideal for those looking to recharge one’s batteries in a place of peace and solitude. The flocks of migrating birds and the crowds of tourists are gone and a fine cloak of silence once again descends upon the land. Here on the outskirts of Vik, Hotel Katla settles into the more leisurely pace of its winter routine.

Having recently undergone a welcome name change from Hotel Höfðabrekka to the more pronounceable Hotel Katla, this family run hotel was for many years a proper sheep and horse farm and just happened to rent out a couple of spare bedrooms to travellers back in 1989. As tourism began to increase, many more rooms and amenities, such as underfloor heating by the hotel’s own private source of geothermal water, discovered on the property in 2003, were added. A brand new, large hot tub and sauna were installed in the summer of 2013 and there is even a playground for the kids as well as several private ponds where you can try your hand at catching a fresh Arctic char (trout) for dinner.

Set on spacious grounds with views to the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel boasts 62 standard rooms and 10 tastefully appointed superior rooms in the brand new wing, all with private bath. Be sure  to make use of the hotel-wide wi-fi or take some time to relax in the hot tub, enjoying the sunset or the Northern Lights, should they just happen to appear during your stay. The cozy bar/restaurant, which is also open to the general public, can seat upwards of 200 guests and serves a buffet breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.

Hotel Katla is a great place for a stop-over on your journey along the south coast. Besides all the well documented attractions in and around Vik, don’t overlook the enchanting Þakgil Canyon which has served as the backdrop for many a movie, including Game of Thrones in 2010 and Beowulf and Grendel in 2004.

Hótel Katla
Höfðabrekka 871 Vík
+354 487-1208

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