Raised on Chocolate
Raised on Chocolate
Café Mika’s chocolates have a past, present and future

Mika was born and raised on chocolate. It flows in his blood and comes out in the most delicious delicacies—pralines so full of rich flavour that they never seem to last. They’re swiftly devoured by all who come in contact with them and it takes the strongest soul to actually make it home with them intact.
Café Mika is becoming a popular place to stop when taking the Golden Circle tour as it’s found in Reykholt, not far from Geysir, making it a nice break on your trip. But it’s not just the pralines that are attracting visitors, as Mika has a menu that has your taste buds watering just reading it over.
For those interested in a snack, the rich hot chocolate drink, made fresh from beans sourced from all over the world, topped with whipped cream is stiff competition for traditional coffee.
For me, enjoying a meal at Mika’s is always worth the time. He takes traditional meals and adds that extra touch that makes them memorable. This summer, he is introducing a wood-burning pizza oven, a Big Green Egg grill for pizza, grills and smoking meats and fish and an ice cream maker to make his own specialities. See reactions on TripAdvisor and you’ll make it a point to stop by.

Café Mika
Skólabraut 4 • 801 Reykholt
+354 896 6450
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