A Downtown Village
A Downtown Village
Reykjavik Hostel Village offers Budget Travellers the Best
In the centre of Reykjavik, surrounded by the main shopping street, a major art gallery, a park, and a short distance from the local and up-country bus stations, Hótel Flóki has been transformed into a small village of pleasant houses for budget-conscious visitors, families, groups and travellers who are touring the country.
Each of its 5 houses has a suburban feel to it, with its own garden—great for sunbathing and barbecues. Visitors feel almost as if they are living in an Icelander’s house—except for the friendly, multinational clientele, many of whom are returning to explore more of the country.

Your Reykjavik base

The Village makes an ideal spot to base from. It’s within easy reach of every kind of restaurant, café and eating place—not to mention shops of all types, too. The local bus, or stræto, passes right in front of the main building and a large bus station is only a short walk. When coming from the airport, the transit buses will drop you off right at the door. When planning an up-country trip or tour, both the Reykjavik airport and the BSÍ bus station are close by.
The Reykjavik Hostel Village can supply rental cars and book tours for you and will also take care of luggage, bikes, etc., while you head out on a trip and you can pick them up on your return. So the more adventurous can try different areas to explore without having to lug everything with them.

Enjoy the Reykjavik Scene
In recent years, Iceland has become famous world-wide for its dynamic music and cultural scene like Iceland Airwaves, for example. Many want to come to enjoy the concerts but find hotel costs somewhat off-putting. The conversion of Hótel Flóki to a Hostel Village means that nobody should feel excluded as there is now a reasonably-priced option in a very good location, with all the concert locations in easy reach.

Conference accommodation
Increasingly, Reykjavik has also been the centre for conferences, so it’s valuable to know there’s a clean and comfortable room in a nice house within easy reach of the major conference centres.
Laugavegur, the main shopping street, is a hub of restaurants and eateries of all kinds, of art and cultural shops, clothing shops and places of interest. It leads to the centre of town and the nightclub scene. Friday and Saturdays, things get started late, so there’s plenty of time to eat before enjoying events that go on right through the bright summer nights. When you want to get home, the Hostel Village is right there.

Book ahead for the best
It’s wise to book in advance to secure your place to enjoy Iceland.

Reykjavik Hostel Village
Flókagata 1 • 105 Reykjavik
+354 552 1155

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