Refreshed under the Glacier
Refreshed under the Glacier
Halldór’s Café and Resaturant in Vík provides a delicious break

Ah Vik! That colourful little village known for its black sand beaches and offshore basalt columns that jut straight up from the sea. A place where the dazzling combination of pounding surf, majestic glaciers, and steep mountain pastures neatly come together, to form one of the most picturesque villages in Iceland.
The 700 km2 Mýrdalsjökull glacial ice-cap, which towers above the town, hides the notorious Katla volcano, which last erupted in 1918. You will be happy to note that all is quiet on that particular front these days.

As if awakening from a long winter’s nap, the sleepy village, (pop. 290) comes to life every spring in anticipation of the arrival of the many wide-eyed tourists who all fall in love with it each summer.
The approach to the town from the west is especially captivating; the deep blue shimmering sea comes into view as you wend your way between precipitous slopes that usher you into the village below. On a sunny summer’s day when the sea is tranquil, the view is magical.

In a quiet side street, off the main highway, stands a quaint little wooden house with a rich history. Built in the Westman Islands in 1831, it was dismantled and then rebuilt in Vík in 1895. The building was used continuously as Vík’s main retail shop from 1926 to 1980. It is now the home of Halldórskaffi and the Tourist Information Centre, which is open in summer from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
Halldórskaffi, open from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm, serves simple, yet wholesome meals throughout the day. I asked owner Kolbrún which are the most popular dishes and without any hesitation, she answers with a smile, ‘the arctic char and the hamburgers’. This is the kind of place that kids and teens will enjoy as well; tasty, filling, hamburgers, lamb and fish dishes, homemade pizza, soup of the day with home baked bread, and a selection of cakes are all on offer for the hungry traveller. An Icelandic beer, a glass of wine or other spirits are all options, and may be just the thing after a long day of sightseeing on Iceland’s charismatic south coast.

Víkurbraut 28 • 870 Vík
+354 847 8844

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