Between Two Great Forces
Between Two Great Forces
Where you can realize you inner strenth
Vík í Mýrdal is a lovely town to visit. In spite of being located just south of the menacing volcano Katla, and by the raging Atlantic Ocean,  it is a tranquil and easy-going community with a lot to offer  visitors all year round.
Kötlusetur, the local information and cultural centre is located in the old part of the village in a beautifully renovated house. It has a most interesting exhibition on display, named Gott og vont strand in Icelandic, or approximately translated „Well or Badly stranded,“ telling the history of shipping disasters along the south coast of Iceland. No part of Iceland has seen more ships stranding throughthe ages. A good strand was when all on board the ship survived and the pickings for the farmers ashore made quite a difference. A bad strand was when someone or all aboard  drowned and the pickings were nothing to write home about.

By the volcano
Another curious exhibition is Mýrdalur which explains nature and living in the approximity of the great Katla. Though always on the alert, the inhabitants are easy-going and friendly, thoroughly enjoying this beautiful location, constantly being recreated by fires and molded  by the ocean.
During the summer 2013 Kötlusetur offers a daily walking tour around the village. The walk, named Meeting the Locals, takes one hour and t the guests will get to know the village‘s history and be shown how to catch fulmars and puffins. The tour ends with a visit to a gallery, where the guests can get to know the local glass-artist and her work.

 At Kötlusetur you can get information on all the fun things to do in Vík. The staff is helpful and friendly and will be pleased to help you organize your day, providing you with maps, booklets and pamphlets to make you well equpped before you embark on a tour around this mythical area.

Tranquility and Adventure
Vík í Mýrdal has an excellent four-star hotel, a beautiful camping ground and a variety of hostels open all year round.  There are very nice restaurants – and  the only par-6 hole golf course in Iceland, of which there are only five in the whole of Europe. The local weather is mild all year round and it is rather lovely to take a stroll along the beach or a hike to the top of the local mountain, Reynisfjall where you can see the Atlantic Ocean stretch forever. Vík is the place to go to realize your inner strength.

Tengt efni

Eldri tölublöð
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