Kirsuberjatréð Arts, Crafts and Design

Taking Icelandic Innovation to New Heights
Kirsuberjatréð  Arts, Crafts and Design

Located on Vesturgata 4, in the very heart of Reykjavík and near the Tourist Information Centre at Ingólfstorg, Kirsuberjatréð Art Gallery and Design Shop has served as a dynamic venue featuring the works and products of a number of innovative Icelandic contemporary artists since 1993. The historic house that hosts the boutique, has accommodated commerce activities since 1888 and is considered both historically and locally significant. Priding itself on original decors since 1920, Kirsuberjatréð provides the ideal vintage and intimate setting required for a professional and talented artistic collective collaboration.

The Valkyries
The collective behind Kirsuberjatréð, includes 12 artists and designers, all women, who have come together to create the daring design lines of Kirsuberjatréð. Their backgrounds are as versatile as their product selection, but the group includes cutting-edge fashion designers, ceramic artists, jewellery designers and even a saddle smith - many of whom have received both national and international awards and recognition for their work.

These talented Valkyrie women manage every aspect of the operation themselves. In addition to running the boutique as well as designing and manufacturing their unique products, they also take turns greeting guests in the shop - so you can be sure to meet one of those amazing women when you visit!


Quirky and Original
A visit to Kirsuberjatréð will reveal a rich selection of high-end clothing including gorgeous knit sweaters, stunning hand printed silk shawls and dresses, as well as a darling collection of organic baby clothing. Decorative yet functional items offered include elegant ceramics, quirky candlesticks, fish leather handbags and bowls made from dried vegetables. You will also find jewellery fashioned from unconventional materials such as driftwood and innovative magical music boxes that are not only pleasing for the auditory senses but satisfy the visual senses just as much.


Adapting to Icelandic Elements
The diverse elements featured in the artists’ designs are reminiscent of the Icelandic landscape, capable of being tender and rugged, perhaps even simultaneously. Like the Icelandic midnight sun, the cherry tree (the English translation for Kirsuberjatréð) is a visual reminder of nature’s capacity for creating momentary spectacles that are simply beyond glorious.

Vesturgötu 4
101 Reykjavík
+354 562 8990

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