Mecca Spa is a welcoming oasis for the well travelled

Relax and be revived

Mecca Spa is a welcoming oasis for the well travelled

Upon entering the cocoon–like environment of the Mecca Spa, one is immediately struck by the feeling of having stepped into a parallel world, free of the city’s hustle and bustle and continuous noise. The calm atmosphere and reviving treatments of this all-round health and beauty oasis are a refreshing treat for well-travelled feet and spirits.

Mecca Spa is situated at Radison Blu Hotel, one of the most established hotels of Reykjavik, and is known for its sophisticated elegance and excellent quality of service. For years it has been a popular spot for fastidious locals as well as guests of the hotel and tourists in general; the spa is, of course, open to anyone and is not restricted to hotel visitors.

In recent years a growing number of tourists has been requesting the service of health and beauty saloons, especially since the standard of Icelandic spas is compares well to other countries, both in terms of price and professionalism. 

The Spa area contains a fully equipped gym and numerous private rooms for massages and beauty treatments. It is thoughtfully designed to give its guests a genuine feeling of peace and quietness. Couples can also enjoy a massage together in the spacious and romantic double room.

The heart of the spa is a relaxation lounge, tastefully furnished in warm colours and lit, for the most part, by candles and a beautiful skylight placed right above the jacuzzi that sits in the centre of the room. In addition, there is a sauna and steam bath, ideal for warming up the body before a massage or one of the spa’s acclaimed body treatments. Each guest is provided with a towel, a bathrobe and slippers. The peaceful environment and the staff’s warm willingness to meet your every need are bound to soothe your travel fatigue and leave you fresh for further adventures.


Soak in the Gifts of Nature

All products used at Mecca Spa are from the French manufacturer Phytomer, a ground breaking brand in marine-based cosmetics used in state-of-the-art spas around the world.

Phytomer has created a complete line of skin products from ocean plants which contain all of the elements essential for healthy skin and balance within the body.

 The luxurious Phytomer for Face and Body treatment is a dream come true for skin and spirit alike and should not be missed by anyone desiring to be pampered.

Other top treatments are the Aromatherapy, a relaxing massage with warm essential oils, and the heavenly Ayurveda massage, an ancient traditional Indian therapy with heated fresh herbs. It is performed by a professional Indian masseur and delivers a deeply relaxing experience. For eighty minutes, the entire body, from between your toes to your fingertips, is thoroughly massaged, first with warm natural oils, then with soft heated coils filled with healing herbs. It’s a wonderful treatment after a day’s hike or a long walks as it leaves your muscles warm and as soft as melted butter. Finally, we have to mention the Coconut scrub and massage. Coconut oil is a marvellous gift from Mother Nature to our skin, along with a wonderful fragrance, so it’s no surprise that this luscious treatment is one of the spa’s most popular. 

Unwind in Capable Hands
The staff of Mecca Spa is a group of highly professional beauticians and massage therapists with years of experience in recognizing and meeting the needs of customers from all over the world. They aim to give personal attention and high-quality service and, to provide even more convenience, they plan to offer flexible opening hours this summer. Those with a packed day can make appointments at night. Just call in advance for your requests to be met. Large and small groups are welcome to schedule after closing time to enjoy a private party in the relaxation lounge with individual treatments for those who wish. What could be better, after a long tour or a day of exploring, than to lay back and let yourself be completely recharged? After all, being a tourist can be hard work.

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