Ambassador to the Whales

Ambassador to the Whales

See the whales from Akureyri’s specialised whale watching ship
This is the second year of scheduled tours from Akureyri with the ‘Ambassador’ whale-watching ship.The beautiful town of Akureyri itself, full of old historic houses, is simply captivating.

The Whales’ home

The North of Iceland is home to all the species of whales found around the country. Eyjafjörður, particularly, is home to Humpback Whales—gigantic animals who love singing and slapping their fins and tails!

It is beautiful to watch these magnificent creatures jump up out of the ocean! Additionally, Minke Whales, Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and Blue Whales are seen in the fjord.

Sailing with the ‘Ambassador’
The name ‘Ambassador’ refers to its function of connecting whales and humans and it has great viewing facilities to do that. It sails three times a day during summer from Akureyri’s central harbour, next to the Hof cultural house. Tours take from three to four hours, during which you get guidance about the nature of the whales, the sea, the fjord, the mountains—the whole eco-system. Being protected from winds and weather by the mountains ensures that it’s calmer than the open sea.

The sailing schedule
Tours leave in the morning at 8.30, the afternoon at 13.00, an evening tour at 20.30 in June and July and from 1st-31st August at 17.30, giving you the opportunity to watch the whales and enjoy the bright and beautiful colours of northern evening sun simultaneously!

Tengt efni

Eldri tölublöð
Öll blöð í vefútgáfu

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