Experiencing past and present with Dýrafjörður’s Eagle Tours

A Day close to ‘The Viking’

Experiencing past and present with Dýrafjörður’s Eagle Tours

The silent beauty of the Westfjords is revealed in a very particular way when seen through the eyes of the settlers—by boat. And who better than a seafarer to show the majestic mountains and solitude of the fjords?

Join a fisherman
In the village of Þingeyri on the banks of Dýrafjörður in the western part of the Westfjords you can share this experience and join a seafarer on his Viking boat. Whether you choose a romantic sail on a glassy sea into the midnight sun or the adventure of a fishing trip, it might all seem like a dream and Jón Þórðarsson the maker of it.

It’s a real thrill to sail with him, heading out into the fjord to catch your own fish from Iceland’s arctic waters. Then comes the satisfaction of bringing it to shore and preparing it right there, between the ancient stones and drift wood, spicing it with the mountains’ fresh summer herbs!

The Viking
They call him “The Viking”. There is not much that Jón can’t tell about Dýrafjörður’s deep blue waters, after having been a full-time fisherman in the Westfjords for almost 57 years. He really likes to talk about the life, culture and the history of Iceland’s remote North West, that has been so popular down through the centuries, right from the beginning, 1,000 years ago, when Saga hero Gísli Súrsson dwelt in the area.

Hunting Saga spirits
The valleys of Dýrafjörður witnessed one of Iceland’s most dramatic family feuds, and Jón knows every detail of that story. He offers to take you hiking on the paths of history, through the picturesque corners of the fjord. Should you happen to meet Gísli’s brother Þorkell, he might just be in the mood to discuss his fatal jealousy that led to the feud. Or maybe you might find Gísli’s wife, Auður, picking herbs but nevertheless willing to open her heart and talk about her deep love for Gísli.

Dinner host
Jón definitely knows how to intertwine past and present in his stories. His dinner events are legendary, as they are never just about food, rather more of a ceremony, serving all your senses.

You feast on fresh fish from the fjord and lamb from the mountains, while listening to traditional live music and storytelling, plunging into the past of this remote Icelandic community life.

A sense of community is what Jón offers in everything he shares with you. His way of receiving guests is marked by genuine jovial warmth and closeness that will simply make you want to stay—and keep on listening. This is the culture and lifestyle of the fjords in real life.

“Just ask me,” he will say. “I can tell you stories…”

Eagle Tours
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