Reykjavik Excursions takes you into Iceland’s private world

Seeking  for Past and Power
Reykjavik Excursions takes you into Iceland’s private world

Fifty years ago, Iceland was a sleeping beauty in the North Atlantic Ocean, well hidden between lava fields and mountains. In 1968, the founders of Reykjavik Excursions joined forces in order to make the country’s austere beauty more accessible to travellers who, at that time, mostly came to Iceland during stopover breaks on their flights. A company was established and started operation with just a few guides, hired coaches and a lot of passion to present the country’s hidden gems.

Travelling in those days was not comfortable as many roads in Iceland were still gravel tracks and restaurants were rare. It must have been quite an adventure to visit remote places like the hot springs at Krýsuvík or even drive to Hveragerði during the winter. But passion made it all possible and helped the company to flourish and drive ever better coaches and tours.

Today’s modern Reykjavik Excursions operates one of the biggest and newest  fleets, and includes the popular Fly-bus service, connecting Reykjavik to the international airport at Keflavik. Their wide range of guided tours takes visitors to all the main sites in the greatest comfort.

Free WiFi internet is provided on all coaches to ensure that you can share your impressions with your friends right away in today’s connected world—or get more details about Iceland’s treasures on the move.

Reykjanes Peninsula—a trip into the Past and Power
From late April onwards, ‘night’ is just a distant thought, as the midnight sun turns night into day—the ideal condition for an unforgettable day trip on the paths of past and power. The Reykjanes peninsula invites you to discover the shy beauty of Iceland’s south west. This rather remote coastline area will deeply affect your senses. The historic sites of the old fishing-town of Sandgerði or Strandarkirkja, a secluded parish church on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean allow a glimpse into the life and drama of the area’s fisheries.

Colourful and bizarre lava fields set the stage for contemplation on the hardships and the course of time, serving to prepare you well for a meeting with Mother Earth at the hot springs of Krýsuvík and Gunnuhver, where powerful boiling mud pools demonstrate Iceland’s true nature. See modern fisheries in Grindavík and enjoy wild Atlantic waves at the southwestern-most point of the country, before crossing the famous Bridge between the Continents.

The warm, relaxing and healing waters of the Blue Lagoon form a perfect ending to this remarkable day.

The Legends of Sleipnir
Staying with history, one can hardly conceive the past centuries’ achievements without having met its most important participant: the Icelandic horse. A true companion of the first settlers and partner in daily life, it is now celebrated in Fákasel Horse Park, a one-of-a-kind centre. Take the chance on this romantic evening trip which could perfectly top off your stay. While spending some delightful hours at the innovative park, you might lose yourself in the dramatic scenes of the multimedia show and while you enjoy the pride and power of the Icelandic horses performing a show based on Icelandic mythology, history and culture. Of course, you are welcome to make their acquaintance in Fákasel’s horse stables and learn more about their uniqueness.

The horse show is followed by a 3 course gourmet dinner in Fákasel’s cosy restaurant, with traditional Icelandic dishes and a special children’s menu. In the bright and open facilities of the Kron Kron design shop you could find the garment or item to remind you of this extraordinary evening. You return to Reykjavik as the sun starts its own evening spectacle, bathing the quiet lava fields of Hellisheiði in a world of colour.

Guides bring the history and land to life
Whether you are seeking the tranquil seclusion and purity of Iceland’s nature reserves, or would rather like to experience some really hot adventure in fire and ice, you can be sure of enjoying the most comfortable and safest travel with Reykjavik Excursions. Since the old days of gravel tracks they have put a special emphasis on the professional education of their multilingual tour guides, to give visitors an insight into every aspect of the places touched by the tour.

Wherever they travel, they strive to leave you with the best possible memory of your time in Iceland.

Reykjavik Excursions
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