New Landscape Photography - I Was Here
Let Books Brag For You
New Landscape Photography - I Was Here

Bragging about your perfect holiday can become a bit tiresome after a while, as you keep repeating the same stories, but never fully capture your experiences. The solution is a professional photography book with the best of what Iceland has to offer that does all the bragging for you – and, of course, keeps your memories alive. The book in question is aptly named “I Was Here” and will be released in the summer of 2013.

Author, Kristján Ingi Einarsson, is one of Iceland’s most experienced photographers and respected in his field and has two other landscape books to his name: The Essence of Iceland in 2009 and Iceland so Quiet in 2010, as well as countless other projects and exhibitions.

Kristján is particularly enamoured with the tranquillity and stillness in the nature of Iceland and is always looking out to find something new. “The unspoiled and peaceful landscapes in collaboration with the ever changing weather and light seem to create endless photographic opportunities of both the grand and the tiniest details. You can take thus take pictures on the same spot over and over again, but they will never turn out exactly the same. That’s why I often compare photography in Iceland to fishing, because you never know what you’re going to come home with,” says Kristján. He thus prefers to let the pictures come to him and, as an avid traveller in his home country, there never seems to be a lack of inspiration.

His new book comes in a new and exciting panoramic format, which Kristján says gives certain pictures added value and presents them in a new light, in addition to the book being very compact and handy.

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