Dear reader, welcome to Iceland.
Dear reader, welcome to Iceland. Whether you came by ship or plane, were enticed by an airline’s special offer or driven to fulfil a lifelong dream, we welcome you to what we hope will be the best travel experience you of your life. Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of natural treasures and a rich history, not to mention culture, arts, crafts and design—along with inspiring innovation. At the Icelandic Times, we strive to bring you up to speed with all the information you will need for your visit, so you’ll spend less off your valuable time struggling to search for it and can rather use it on reaping the benefits, experiencing and enjoy all the country has to offer. For your convenience we’ve placed QR codes on the articles, which provide electronic calling cards when scanned with smartphones or iPads, to bridge the comfort of this printing medium and the potential of the Internet. But we want to take it even further and offer you, dear reader, a platform to share your experiences with others on our Facebook site at, where we have launched a photo contest for both amateurs and more advanced photographers alike, to tell your stories in photos. We hope you enjoy this feature-packed issue and that your stay will be everything you had hoped it would be. Enjoy your adventure and have a great trip—we’d love to hear how it went!

Tengt efni

Eldri tölublöð
Öll blöð í vefútgáfu

Netútgáfa. Samhliða prentaða blaðinu verður einnig hægt að nálgast netútgáfu af blaðinu á slóðinni Greinarnar verða bæði í pdf og HTML formi sem gerir þér til dæmis kleift að senda þær áfram og nýta í markaðsskyni. Netútgáfan verður ítarlegri og verður hægt að senda inn efni sem sett verður á vefinn, umfram það efni sem er í blöðunum. Þessi vefur mun síðan halda áfram að vaxa og dafna. 

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