The Land of Fire and Ice

The Land of Fire and Ice

These are exciting times as Iceland has certainly lived up to its reputation over the past weeks with the awakening of a large volcano system buried deep under Dyngjujökull, an outlet glacier of the country’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. In this feature packed edition we bring you insights into the science behind mother nature’s ferocious display, along with a stunning feast for the eyes capturing these events—and what a sight it is! Already, the new lava field covers an area larger than the entire capital area and it continues to grow by the day and who knows what the future holds?

Share Your Story!

We asked our Facebook friends to give us a glimpse of their adventures here in Iceland by sharing their holiday photographs with us. We were overjoyed by the responses we received, when friends from all over the world submitted their work to us for others to enjoy. We are happy to share a gallery of these entries with you in this issue. For the complete collection, you can visit our website,

We hope you will find that this issue is filled with a lot of interesting content as well as an abundance of helpful information. Of course, we wish you the best autumn holidays you could ever have!

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