East Iceland冰岛东部

East Iceland冰岛东部

Fjords of Fantasy - East Iceland is open to the senses

梦幻峡湾 – 冰岛东部带给您感官盛宴

Tiny, tight-knit communities extend a warm welcome here. A well-developed infrastructure, with regular flights from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir, the main hub of the area, enable visitors to enjoy the beauty of the region. The ferry from Europe docks at the 19th century town of Seyðisfjörður, making the East a good starting point for a holiday.

微小紧凑的东部社区欢迎八方来客。东部地区基础设施建设良好,从雷克雅维克到冰岛东部的枢纽Egilsstaðir有固定航班,可以让游客尽享此区的美丽风光。从欧洲来的渡船停靠在始建于 19 世纪的小镇Seyðisfjörður,这里是您启程的地方。

Tours of all types take visitors to Europe’s largest glacier, stark highland mountains and sweet-smelling heathlands and, for fishing and kayaking, to mirror-smooth fjords. The hiking nature-lover can discover countless spectacular routes, with frequent waterfalls and reindeer sightings.


The beauty of this area has drawn artists and designers to the little towns, which have developed their own cultural flavour, many with a strong European—and especially, French or Norwegian—influence.


There is a long history of folklore here. Borgarfjörður eystri is known as the capital of the elves. It’s also an area of hiking trails and birdwatching, with puffins being especially plentiful.

东部地区流传着历史久远的民间传说。Borgarfjörður eystri 被认为是小精灵们的都城。这也是一条绝佳徒步旅游路线和观鸟地区。这里的海雀尤其多。

Brilliantly coloured semi-precious stones are found in the mountains and Petra’s Stone Museum in Stöðvarfjörður holds probably the world’s largest private collection.The numerous hotels, guesthouses and camping areas attest to the rising popularity of the area.

大量五彩缤纷的半宝石从山中开采。Stöðvarfjörður 的 Petra’s Stone Museum(石头博物馆)可能拥有世界上最大的石类私人收藏。 此区域越来越受游客的欢迎,出现了众多的酒店、宾馆和露营地。

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Rauðubjörg by Barðsnes

Dyrfjöll Mountains


Barðsnes 的 Rauðubjörg

Dyrfjöll 山

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