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Skagafjordur Bay: The Perfect Family Retreat

An often overlooked pearl in  Iceland is Skagafjörður bay. With its majestic landscapes and a multitude of activities it is the perfect place to explore the best Northern Iceland has to offer in a family friendly environment. Just off the main road next to the town of Varmahlíð you‘ll find some peaceful and affordable cottages nestled on a hill overlooking the vast plains and distant mountains of the charming Skagafjörður valley. A perfect getaway for families and adventure seekers alike where you can relax in a thermal pool under the midnight sun after a busy day of activities.

The cottages are run by the family company Hestasport Activity Tours, who also operate horseback riding tours on location. There are many different styles of cottages on offer, each equipped with full selfcatering kitchen and dining facilities, a bathroom and shower, beds and linen, and a humbly furnished living area. For families and those travelling in large groups this is an ideal place to set up base from where you can explore the Skagafjörður area and beyond.

Activities for the entire family

Families travelling together are in for a treat as the list of activities in the area is almost endless. First of all it is a must to take at least one horseback riding tour which can be arranged on location. Tours range from one hour for complete beginners up to many days for the adventurous types. White water rafting might sound a bit risky for some but there are family friendly river rafting tours just around the corner, which can also be arranged for on location. Rafting in the aweinspiring canyons of the glacial rivers in Skagafjörður is an experience you won‘t soon forget. For  those who stay up late midnight rafting under the midnight sun is surely the way to go. Hiking trails are abundant in the area, with up 1200 m hikes. Also deepsea angling can be arranged for on location. When you‘ve had enough action the areas many museums and historical sites will give you an informative and relaxing day‘s worth  of soaking in the daily lives of pastgenerations in Iceland. One of these sites is Glaumbær, the  home to the first ethnic European born in the Americas; Snorri Þorfinnsson.


Photography enthusiasts, birdwatchers and nature lovers in general should not miss the chance to visit Drangey island, whose steep cliffs tower majestically above the surface of Skagafjörður bay. Local folklore says that the island is what is left of two enourmous trolls who were trying to cross the bay before daybreak, but failed and were turned to stone along with the cow they had with them.


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