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Thorvaldsen Bar: Your home away from home

Located across from the parliament house in Austurvöllur is a cosy bistro-themed restaurant where you can enjoy a pleasant meal during the day and party with the locals throughout the night.

Thorvaldsen is owned and run by three sisters who take equal part in management and service to customers. Kolbrún Ýr Árnadóttir, one of the owners, says that they put special emphasis on creating a relaxed atmosphere and giving customers a personal and pleasant experience in Thorvaldsen.

Prepare to be surprised
Thorvaldsen offers a wide array of snacks and meals, including steaks and pizzas. Be sure to try the Jungle Curry or their selection of salad. „All our dishes are prepared on location and garnished with great care. Because we operate a bistro people often don‘t expect a great deal in terms of quality but are almost always pleasantly surprised. One person came in here asking for direction to a steak house and we told him to look no further and he couldn‘t believe the quality of the steak and stayed here from three in the afternoon until nine in the evening.“

Stay all day

„We really want people to feel
comfortable here and stay for as long as they want. We‘re never rushing to clear tables because we value the customers enjoyment much more than squeezing in as many customers as we can. The music is  pleasant and never too loud to hold up a conversation. We try to keep an experienced and pleasant staff on hire and we even take part in the service ourselves. This is why most of our customers keep coming back and for so many people Thorvaldsen is a home away from home“, says Kolbrún.

The members of parliament and officials at the town hall are among those who frequent Thorvaldsen. After a long day of speeches and meetings a few rounds in Thorvaldsen probably sound mighty tempting.  Among others of Thorvaldsen‘scelebrity clientele is a member of the cast of the NBC hit series the Office who dined in Thorvaldsen four times during a five day stay.

Wild nights
The nights at Thorvaldsen are particularly rousing and enjoyable. The crowd is usually in the thirty something region and always ready to dance. Check out salsa nights every other Thursday and dance the night away. Thursday nights also has special offers on Mohitos.

Fun in the sun
Thorvaldsen‘s location is also a major attraction – overlooking the Icelandic parliament and Austurvöllur, Reykjavík‘s most crowded square during the summertime. „Many of our customers just stay here for hours  on end viewing the street life. During the summer we offer outside tables and that‘s when things get really hectic. Austurvöllur comes alive and people are out enjoying the summer weather by sipping a cold one or having a light snack“, says Kolbrún. For those who are looking for some privacy Thorvaldsen offers two lounge areas which can be reserved for the night. The rooms can contain 30 and 55 seated persons and can be  conjoined for one hall containing85 seated persons. If you buy meals for the guests the room charge is for free.

For those wondering who the place is named after – it is Bertel Thorvaldsen, a Danish/Icelandic neoclassical sculptor whose works can be found throughout Europe.

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