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The Lobster House: A Night Your Taste Buds Won’t Forget

 In 170 year old house in downtown Reykjavík you’ll find one of Iceland’s most popular restaurants – The Lobster House.With over 17  years of experience in preparingthe Icelandic lobster, a night out in the Lobster House is an experience  your taste buds won’t regret.


All Icelandic Materials
The Lobster House takes pride in using only Icelandic materials (when possible) and chief among those is of course the Icelandic lobster, which Head chef, Ottó Magnússon, says is one of the best raw materials a chef can work with. “Its formal name is actually langoustine and is much smaller than  the giant lobsters most people are used to. But I have found that the giant lobster doesn‘t come anywhere near the langoustine when it comes to taste and texture,” says Ottó. 

The Lobster House’s staple dish is the Grilled Icelandic lobster with garlic, which has been on the menu since  the beginning and never fails to satisfy. But don‘t be afraid to try the various other lobster dishes, after all it‘s called the Lobster House.

Try Something New
The Lobster House does not limit itself to lobster dishes and has a wide variety of exciting all-Icelandic dishes. One of those is the classic Icelandic dish - the salted cod. Ottó however  emphasises that the salted cod foundin the Lobster House is not the mass produced kind you‘ll find in the store. “I actually scoured the country trying to find someone who prepares it like  in the old days and I finally found an old man who is probably among the last to still do it. It is a complicated process which takes over a year, but in return it is truly a genuine Icelandic dish“, says Ottó. You’ll also find Minke Whale dishes of various sorts on  the menu, but Ottó says that withmaterial of such high quality it is best served sashimi, i.e. raw.


Personal Touch
For those who enjoy a succulent steak, try out the horse tenderloin instead of beef. „You can‘t really get a more tender steak than a horse tenderloin. It is a very delicate art to prepare it but when done right there is no steak more tender“, says Ottó. Another intriguing dish is the wild goose  with Icelandic crowberry dressing.The cuisine experience can’t get any more personal than this particular dish since some of the geese were actually hunted by Ottó himself and the crowberries picked by the Lobster House staff. The Lobster House’s interiors are of the classic sort, suited for a relaxed and pleasant evening. To complete  the theme of Icelandic materials, the Lobster House only plays Icelandic music while you enjoy your meal. For those who like to take their meals  early, or are on a tighter budget, The Lobster House offers excellent deals in the lunch hour.


The Lobster House is located in Amtmannstígur 1, Reykjavík


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