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Reykjavík – the modern Icelanders food and saga tour

 Icelander‘s are known by some for their entrepreneurial spirit and hard working morals. One of those is the jack-of-all-trades, Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson, or Chef Tyffi, who simultaneously works  as a shop keeper, tour guideand an expert chef. Tyffi latest enterprise, the Reykjavík – the modern Icelanders food and saga tour, is a unique offer for you to experience the unique and authentic Icelandic way of life. 

Tyffi will of course be both your tour guide and chef in an unforgettable afternoon in Reykjavík. Tyffi will pick you up to your hotel in a comfortable minibus around three in the afternoon. He will then tell you all about the settlement and how Reykjavík and its suburbs were built, as well as showing you many of its important historical sites. This is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the real Icelandic reality. 

Gourmet stops

While learning about Reykjavík and its inhabitants you’ll be making several stops along the way to prepare for the ultimate gourmet food experience. You’ll be making a stop in a cheese shop where you’ll meet a woman who Tyffi claims is both an expert in mysticism and knows all there is to know about Icelandic cheese. She’ll make sure you won’t be leaving there without the best Iceland has to offer when it comes to cheese. You’ll also be making a stop at a gourmet butchers shop where Tyffi will find the perfect steaks for the evening, cross your fingers and hope the butcher has some quality horse tenderloins. No gourmet evening in Iceland is complete without seafood, so Tyffi will take you to a genuine   Icelandic fish salesman, where hopefully the catch of the day will be no more than a few hours old. A stop in the liquor store is also included, but you’ll have to purchase your own wine.


Dine Like an Icelander

The tour will be concluded with an invitation to dine in of Chef Tyffi’s own home, nestled within the  lively suburb of Kópavogur, where it is said the elves are still the oldest inhabitants. Using the groceries bought over the day Chef Tyffi will prepare a gourmet meal while learning firsthand how Icelanders lived off the land developing timeless recipes from ocean delicacies and mountain lamb. Tyffi will offer several samples of  traditional Icelandic cuisine and whoknows, he might give you a shot of the  infamous Icelandic Brennivín vodka as an appetizer. After a satisfying evening Tyffi will then drive you back to your hotel. As this is a one man  operation Tyffi is able to offer all this for a very reasonable price, only 16 thousand ISK, including both the tour  and the food.

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When not guiding or cooking, you’ll find Tyffi in his small but comfortable store, IceFin, in Nóatún 17. You’ll find a wide range of outdoors and recreational clothes and equipment for very agreeable prices. The selection includes both Icelandic and international designs, hunting gear, fishing rods, footwear and much more.

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