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Dún og fiður: Heavenly Sleep with Icelandic Eider Down

  What better way to remember your visit to Iceland than to curl up with an Icelandic eider down duvet?

Family business Dún og fiður has over 50 years of experience in making pillows, duvets, and cushions made out of down and feathers. “At Dun og  fidur we take pride in making the best possible comforters, from materials that are extremly light and warm and from the best insulation material invented by mother nature. For us however it is not only a question of getting a warm night‘s sleep, it´s also feeling he comfort of the down as it caresses you to a heavenly sleep,“ says Anna Bára Ólafsdóttir, one of the owners of Dún og fiður. Dún og fiður’s down and feathers

come from either eider bird, goose or duck. Eiderdown is the highest quality of down and is known for its extreme insulation qualities and incredible softness. The eider duck has adjusted to the extreme climate of the north and uses its own down to insulate their nests to keep their young warm. The Icelandic people too have enjoyed the insulating qualities of the eider down since Iceland’s settlement in the 9th century. 

Through centuries of cohabitation the down collectors and the eider ducks have learned to live together harmoniously – the collectors guard the eider ducks against their natural enemy, the mink, and in return collect the down from their nests and replace it with an appropriate substitute, causing no harm to the nest. The duvets and pillows come in various traditional sizes, although eiderdown duvets and pillows are only made by customer order. All the products are made within the firm (excluding some of the bed linen) and are stamped by the year of production to confirm their duration.

Dún og fiður is located at Laugarvegur 87 in Reykjavík.


The down of the goose keep their offspring warm.

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