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Renting a Car with a Tent-trailer

Living on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has made the Icelandic people resourceful. Not only do they know how to survive the ever-changing weather, they also know how to avoid it, especially during their summer vacations. One of the most efficient ways of doing so is to “elta sólina,” or follow the sun; drive their own car with a tent trailer to whichever part of the country that has the sunniest weather forecast. Now RB cars offer foreign travelers to go native.

“We want to offer foreign travelers a new possibility,” says Arnar Barðason who runs RB cars. “Previously  foreigners had only the possibility of either booking in to hotels and guesthouses or travel with a tent. Although both of those options are good, they certainly have their drawbacks. Accommodation in Iceland can be expensive and relying mainly on your tent can backfire as the weather changes every five minutes in Iceland. Therefore we are glad to be able to offer people to rent a tent trailer when they rent a Suzuki  Grand Vitara from us! “What we are offering is the possibility for all travelers to be more mobile.”  By renting a tent-trailer, you do notneed to go to some particular place in Iceland just because you had booked accommodation three months in advance and everything else is booked up. There are many reasons why you might want to change your itinerary; the ever-changing weather,  for example, or new tips about hiddentreasures in Iceland. 

With the tent trailer you can travel the Icelandic way, go where the sun is. It is quite common that Icelanders travel with a tent trailer to whichever area they want to visit, park it in an appealing camping area and roam from that spot for a couple of  days without the trailer. Then they examine the local sights, on car or on foot return in the late afternoon or evening for a cozy night, camping in the trailer. Arnar points out that this mode of travel is really convenient for families with children. “A family of four, five people would probably save up to 100 thousand Icelandic krónur by  camping in a tent trailer for seven days,” says Arnar. “And there is enough space in the trailer for the whole family.” One can take the trailer nearly everywhere, even on many highland roads. Smaller rental cars are not allowed to drive in the highlands but if one has a jeep, it is a different story. “Seeing as Suzuki Grand Vitara is a 4wd jeep, it is equipped to handle most of the highland roads even with a tent trailer. Of course you  need to be careful driving them in the highlands, but then you really need to be  careful concerning everything in thehighlands,” says Arnar. 

The tent trailers are normally for 4 people but if one also rents a tent extension, there is a space for 5-6  people. They are rather light and easy to erect and put down again. If you are not accustomed to them, it would take about 15 minutes to set  one up. With a little practise, it should not take more than 5 minutes. In all the trailers there are kitchen facilities such as a sink, a gas stove, pots, pans and cutlery. In addition, duvets and pillows are included and it is possible to rent linen from RB Cars. “The tent trailers are ideal for a small  group of people who want to see a considerable part of the country,” says Arnar. “You get some of the luxury of staying indoors. The trailers are warmer then tents as you are not sleeping on the ground. At the same time you are surrounded by nature, you just have to take one step out of it and you can lie in the grass. And there is no bowing and crouching all the time like when you are travelling with a tent. “I would say that you are getting the best out of the two former options for foreign travelers; you have the luxury of sleeping indoors in a comfortable space and you get the mobility of camping,” says Arnar.

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