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Do you want some Icelandic lobster?

 On the southern shore of Iceland lies a little village called Eyrarbakki. It has become known in Iceland as the main spot for lobster fishing, making the lobster eaten in Eyrarbakki some of the freshest you can find in. For a taste, a visit to the restaurant “Rauða Húsið” (“The Red House”) is in order. They specialize in seafood, fresh from the harbor.

Both the village Eyrabakki and the house itself have their own interesting history. Eyrabakki used to be one of the most important merchant places in Iceland, famous for the ships that came into harbor during the spring, bringing both news from the outside  world and goods for the people in the South. Back in they days, lobster was not considered a luxury food like it is today, people hardly knew that it was eatable. Therefore lobster fishing did not start off the shore until 1954, beginning in Eyrarbakki. Rauða Húsið, standing on Búðarstígur, right by the coastline, used to belong to Guðmunda Nielsen. She built its oldest part in 1919, after returning home from Copenhagen where she studied business management. She was considered to be an exceptional lady and opened her retail shop right after building the house.

The mark of the old times is apparent in the interior decoration, for example in the old wooden floorboards. “The house is quite spacious, we have about 200 seats but the hall is yet not crowded, making the dining more comfortable” says Pétur, who runs the restaurant. “That makes the restaurant suitable for groups of all kinds and we have also a special, convenient menu for them.” One of our most popular dishes is the so called “Catch of the day” which consists of three different seafood dishes made from the freshest ingredients available right there,” says Pétur. “In addition we  have all sorts of delicious fish dishes as well as meat dishes, and we try to use Icelandic ingredients as much as possible, but at the same time we try to mix up international and Icelandic cuisine and make it our own. “In the summertime people can visit us all day long, grab lunch, coffee and cakes in the afternoon and then of course dinner in the evening,” says Pétur.

Further information, such as the menu, is available on the website, where one can also book a table, both for individuals and groups.

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