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Rauda Husid: Catch of the Day
In the quiet and cosy town of Eyrarbakki on the south coast of Iceland you‘ll find an almost hundred year old red house which contains the excellent restaurant Rauda Husid. There you can enjoy some of the best seafood dishes in the country in a historical and peaceful environment.

Rauda Husid places special emphasis on using only fresh materials – straight from the source if possible. All the fish and seafood in Rauda Husid comes straight from the local markets and is therefore always fresh. As Eyrarbakki was once a primary port in the South of Iceland it comes as no surprise that Rauda Husid specializes in seafood dishes. The „Catch of the Day“ course is always a pleasant surprise as the chef prepares a threesome of seafood dishes based on whichever types have been caught the same day. It is also no surprise that the Langoustine (small lobster) soup is a speciality at the Rauda Husid, as the people of Eyrarbakki were pioneers in introducing this delicacy into the Icelandic cuisine.

The base of the building was built in 1919 and has since been expanded and renovated. It is now a majestic three story building with views out to the ocean from the top story. Rauda Husid‘s immediate surroundings are no less interesting. Right next to it you‘ll find Húsið (The House), which is one of Iceland‘s oldest buildings, built in 1765, and currently houses the Árnesinga Folk Museum. Across from Rauda Husid you‘ll see the church of Eyrarbakki, which was built in 1890.

It is quite an enjoyable experience to take a walk around Eyrarbakki before or after a meal at Rauda Husid. It was once an important trading centre in Iceland, but is now a relatively peaceful town of less than 600 inhabitants. Many houses in Eyrarbakki were built early in the last century and sometimes seemingly without any advance planning, giving the town somewhat of a freewheeling atmosphere. Rauda Husid is only a few minutes away from the ocean and a walk along the beach is a perfect conclusion of a pleasant afternoon in Eyrarbakki.

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