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DILL Restaurant: New Nordic Kitchen at its Best!

DILL restaurant offers meat, fish, vegetables and wild herbs from the Icelandic nature in a completely new way. While finding the Nordic culinary roots the result is exciting and delicious.

Recently the New Nordic Kitchen has proven to be the biggest thing of the culinary world, recent award for NOMA restaurant of Copenhagen proves that. Two of the pioneers of the New Nordic Kitchen in Iceland , Chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason and Sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson opened DILL restaurant in 2009 and have since then had rave reviews. They were chosen Iceland´s restaurant of the year and nominated as one of the best restaurants in the Nordic Countries. 

The restaurant offers dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and wild herbs from the Icelandic nature. The owners are nature lovers who want to know the origins of their ingredients. Being able to collect herbs and seeweed from  the Icelandic wilderness, mountains and seaside and select raw material from the farmed or planted they will always go for organic if possible. The Kitchen at DILL restaurant uses modern technology and creativity to make the diners’ experience unique using familiar flavours in new and surprising ways. 

Seasonal menu
“The difference between our restaurant and other New Nordic Restaurants is that we get our ingredients from surrounding communities here in Iceland. We believe that food shouldn´t travel so we don’t want ingredients that have been transported from a far. We like to use the nature around us and the farmers we know are offering the most beautiful and most fresh ingredients in the world,” owner Ólafur Örn Ólafsson says passionately. “Sometimes we use traditional cooking methods, e.g. the smoking and try to  make something new and exciting outof it. We have for example developed courses using spruce and Icelandic birch. We love to experiment with the ingredients you can find in the nature whether we burn them or use them fresh,” he says.
The Dill menu is seasonal. Every week the owners arrange a new seven-course tasting menu with a wine menu to match each course. “We like vegetables, so from spring to autumn you will find a lot of lovely fresh vegetables on our menu accompanied with the fish or meat of the season,” Ólafur says. “When the hunting season starts our menu fills up with lovely Icelandic game such as Reindeer, geese and ducks .“ 

Informal and laid back
While DILL restaurant is rated among the finest in Iceland, even in the Nordic Countries, the atmosphere is intimate and laid back. The restaurant is appropriately located in the Nordic House, a cultural house that was designed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. All the design of the restaurant is Nordic, the lamps and furniture are original design by Aalto. The rest, “everything from the beautiful Royal Copenhagen China, to the chefs’ jackets is Nordic Design. We want to go all the way in being Nordic,” Ólafur explains. For lunch guests have a chance to sample the DILL style of cooking in a more rustic style, traditional Icelandic dishes, such as “plokkfiskur” get a New Nordic face lift, served in clay pots on the tables.

Dill restaurant | Norræna húsinu | Sturlugötu 5 | 101 Reykjavík | S 552 1522 | |

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