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Víkin: The Heart of the Icelandic People
If you are looking for the heart of the Icelandic people you need look no further than Víkin – Maritime Museum, which offers you the unique chance to experience Iceland‘s rich fishing history. Víkin not only exhibits unique maritime artifacts, it also gives you the chance to experience Iceland‘s fishing culture first-hand, as the museum is located in Reykjavík harbour.
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Víkin has recently opened an impressive balcony overlooking the harbour and downtown Reykjavík, which gives you the ultimate museum experience. After examining the splendid exhibitions Víkin has on offer you can sit down and have a drink or a bite to eat while you watch the ever-active life of the harbour.
The exhibitions within depict various themes and time periods with great detail. Topics include the great changes that took place around 1900 when rowing boats were replaced by trawlers, the development of trade routes in the 20th century and a unique exhibition dedicated to the construction of Reykjavík harbour which started in 1913.
One of the main exhibition is a tour inside the coast guard vessel Óðinn, which was built in 1959. Óðinn played a pivotal role in the 20th „cod wars“ and hundreds of rescue missions up to 2005. Inside you‘ll experience what life inside a 910 ton cruiser was like, which many would imagine being quite difficult. The fact of the matter is that many of Óðins crew members give their work in maintaining the boat up to this day and meet in Óðins mess hall every week.

In addition to permament exhibitions, Víkin will offer unique new and exciting projoects this summer. Among those are in-house short plays and puppet shows – which tell the stories of Iceland‘s heroes and master seafearers. Other additions include a night out at Víkin, including a tour, meal and a play.

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The museum is less than ten minutes away from the downtown area and ticket prices are very reasonable, so there is really no reason not to go to Víkin. For more information go to


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