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The Viking: Take Something Memorable Home with You
You will see majestic mountains, lava fields, cliffs, the huge wilderness in Iceland. You will witness spectacular wild-life, birds with colorful beaks, great whales, sheep everywhere and the Icelandic horse. You will hear enough folk tales about trolls, elves and you will get to know about the vikings, who went on viking voyages all around Europe and parts of America, of whom some settled down in Iceland. You will want to have something at home to remind you of this all. You will find such a souvenir in one of the Viking souvenir shops in Reykjavik, Akureyri and from June onwards, in Isafjordur as well.

Sigurður Guðmundsson, owner of the Viking, says that the shop has always put emphasis on offering quality products at fair prices. “I think it’s safe to say that we have one of the largest selections of souvenirs around. We want to offer our customers great souvenirs, which can be reminiscent of Iceland. It can both be in the form of a warm winter coat and a little puffin statue,” says Sigurður. “It depends on what interested you the most about Iceland; was it the nature or the literature? We will have something here to remind you of what you experienced in Iceland.”

Various products designed to battle the weather and winds of Iceland can be acquired in The Viking. You can buy knitted wool sweaters there, mittens and socks, winter coats, fur shoes and Icelandic design products. “Puffin items are always popular and also some viking items like the viking helmet and sword,” says Sigurður.

The list of items is almost endless; key rings, statues, novelty items, heathen ornaments, baseball caps. Be sure not to go back home without at least one book about Iceland, where you can reminisce about your stay with spectacular photographs of everything Iceland has to offer. “We also have stuffed birds like the puffin on offer, so if you are a real puffin fan, you can have one at home,” says Sigurður.

The Viking shops are different in size and shape, the biggest one being in Akureyri. Every shop also has its distinctive feature. “We are quite busy these days as the new shop in Isafjordur is just about to open. Then we are also opening a website,, which will be ready in the middle of May,” says Sigurður. If you yearn for something good and memorable about Iceland, make sure you drop by at one of their stores and see for yourself.

You can find The Viking in both Laugarvegur 1 and Hafnarstræti 1 in Reykjavík as well as in Hafnarstræti in Akureyri and soon in Isafjordur as well.

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