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Snerra Calendars: A Daily Reminder of Your Stay in Iceland
What better way to remember your visit to Iceland than with an all-Icelandic calendar, so that every time you check the date you‘re greeted with majestic landscapes, the peculiar puffin or the graceful Icelandic horse?

Snerra publishing house has printed such calendars for over 25 years now and is renowned for its quality photos and professional workmanship. Snerra has now printed a new line of calendars for the year 2011. The calendars come in various shapes and sizes and with different themes; including landscapes in all seasons, birdlife, horses and one is dedicated entirely to the puffin. The calendars come with text in Icelandic, English, German and French and some have official Icelandic holidays marked. That way you won‘t forget to celebrate the 17th of June in 2011 or the first day of Icelandic summer.

The Snerra publishing house was originally founded by photographers and pilots who felt that in the 80‘s there were no adequate photographic portrayals of Iceland in the souvenir ma r k e t and decided to take it upon themselves to remedy that. Twenty five years later they are still one of the leading distributers on the market. Which is no wonder given the fact that Snerra has onboard two of the leading birdlife and nature photographers in the country, who have published several photography books.

The pictures of the Icelandic horse are however photographed by a farmer in Búrfell, named Jón Eiríksson. Somewhat of a free spirit and an undeniable artist, Jón takes his camera with him in his tractor whenever he goes to feed his horses where he captures the majesty of the Icelandic horse in its natural surroundings.

Snerra also has on offer other exciting souvenirs such as Icelandic beer steins, jewelry, antique maps of Iceland, playing cards and even christmas items.

Snerra‘s calendars and other products are sold in bookshops and souvenir shops throughout the country and you can also purchase the online at

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