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Kaffi Kidda Rót: Romantic Burgers and Crazy Pizzas
Kaffi Kidda Rót is renowned throughout Iceland for its romantic burgers, crazy pizza‘s and it‘s relaxed atmosphere. Ever since Kaffi Kidda Rót opened a few years ago it has quickly established a loyal fan base which always seems to come back for more. In fact Kiddi Rót, whom the restaurant is named after, insists that no customer ever leaves unsatisfied, if he can help it.

Kiddi Rót is somewhat of a legend in Iceland. He was a roadie for many of Iceland‘s most popular bands during the 70‘s and 80‘s and a chauffeur for one of Iceland‘s most prominent politicians. Kiddi is quite a colourful character who has put his undeniable mark on the restaurant – whether it comes to interiors, decorations, naming of dishes or simply his presence at the bar.

Kiddi’s involvement in the restaurant business came by accident and he says himself that it is one of the main reasons for his success. „Because I had no idea of what I was getting into I probably made every mistake possible in the beginning. But that is how I learned what makes a good restaurant. We decided to focus on high class for less money and instead of making things too complicated we decided to put together a more direct menu with quality dishes which we have later become famous for,” says Kiddi.

Kaffi Kidda Rót is famous for its Romantic Hamburgers, which are barbequed and come in two sizes; either teenager or adult. The hamburgers are made out of 100% Icelandic meat without any additives. Kiddi’s Crazy pizzas are also fan favourites and known for their crispiness. The Muscle Pitas, pork sandwiches and oriental dishes are also definitely worth trying. Kiddi is also especially proud of his steaks which he says are fully comparable to top steak houses in Reykjavík. “In fact, if you can’t find anything you don’t like on our menu, you simply must not be hungry,” says Kiddi.

Kaffi Kidda Rót is located in downtown Mosfellsbær, so it’s the perfect stop to grab a satisfying meal on your way out of Reykjavík. It is easy to find – on the first house on the left after you arrive in Mosfellsbæ you’ll see a sign with Kaffi Kidda Rót and that’s where it is. The place itself is especially spacious and can accommodate up to a 100 persons seated.

Kiddi emphasises that he wants all his guests to feel at home, whether they are dropping by after work in their work clothes or after scaling mountains or glaciers in hiking boots and outdoors clothes.

Though Kiddi has not done any roadie work for years he still has a close connection to music. He is known to utilize his connections in the music industry and frequently sets up mini-concerts in the restaurant – jazz combos, big band, troubadours or any artists he feels fitting. The restaurant is also decorated with a musical exhibition documenting the history of music in Iceland from 1966 to 1988.

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