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Hótel Hamar: Plan the Holidays in Iceland
While many are satisfied by seeing Iceland only by its staple tourist attractions others are looking for the human element and what better way to find it than to spend the holidays with the locals? Hótel Hamar in Borgarnes invites you to spend Christmas and new years with them, giving you a chance to get to know some of Iceland‘s more eccentric and curious traditions.

As most service providers close their doors during the holidays the family at Hótel Hamar decided to keep their open. Unnur Halldórsdóttir at Hótel Hamar says guests will experience this joyful holiday as Icelanders do. You‘ll share an extravagant meal and gifts on the 24th of December, not the 25th, and on the 25th you‘ll be given the option of attending a Christmas Mass in a small local church. Perhaps most importantly of all you‘ll get to know the people of Iceland during these festive times and share with them charismas carols and cookies.

Christmas preparations are also an integral part of the holidays and Hótel Hamar does not fail to deliver in that department. For example the intricate laufabrauð-bread requires that all the members of the household gather around to carve elaborate and beautiful patterns into the dough before it is boiled in grease. And if you’re behaving nicely and put your shoe out in the window you just might get a treat in it in the morning – or a potato if you‘ve misbehaved.

Although these traditions may differ from those you are used to, the family friendly atmosphere at Hótel Hamar will leave you with Christmas memories you won‘t soon forget.

During the whole of December there will be a program of Christmas activities. New Years Eve at Hótel Hamar is no less extravagant, including brunch, buffet and entertainment.

Hótel Hamar is of course open during the summertime as well, offering beautiful landscapes, fascinating attractions in the vicinity and of course comfortable rooms. Golfers are in for a treat as the hotel is located on a 18 hole golf course – midnight golfing is a recommended experience.

For more information and booking visit or call +354 433 6600

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