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Búðir: A Historical Hotel under the Glacier
The Snæfellsnes peninsula is a place of many wonders – natural, historical and mystical. Situated on the southern shore of the peninsula, Hótel Búðir is the perfect place to set up base while you experience the best Snæfellsnes has to offer.

Hótel Búðir’s kitchen has long been one of the main attractions of the hotel, and is renowned for its unique fish dishes, original starters and lavish desserts. Hótel Búðir‘s chefs have somewhat of an obsession with using fresh and seasonal materials, even using local flowers for making salad oil and local Cow Parsley for seasoning. The fish is of course brought from the local markets as soon as it is brought to land.

Spectacular Surroundings
In the 17th century, long before there was a hotel there, Búðir was a prominent trading center and remains from that time can be seen around the hotel. The hotel‘s surroundings are especially spectacular; Snæfellsnesjökull glacier towering above, white sandy beaches, lava fields and the ocean will certainly leave no one untouched. Many say Hótel Búðir is an extremely romantic place, which is made evident by the dozens of people from all over the world who choose to get married at Búðir every summer.

The hotel is only 15 minutes away from the glacier where Jules Verne famously claimed the entrance to the centre of the earth was to be found. The hotel staff can help arrange for a snowmobile trip to the top or you can drive up to the glacier by car.

Activities for All

Other activities in the area are abundant and include horseback riding tours, small fishing towns golfing and plenty of historical and mythological sites, most of which have been marked with informative signs and markers. The Hótel Budir’s staff can provide additional information and help make arrangements.

Groups looking for excitement should definitely try the Hotel Budir’s murder mystery, a whole weekend of fun where you have to solve a complex fictional murder case in the hotel. This is of course all done in good fun and guaranteed to entertain.

The rooms are very comfortable and come in various sizes. Every room comes with a TV, DVD, telephone, clock wireless net and a hairdryer. Breakfast is included. 

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